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Ted and Alice

Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice is a American comedy drama film directed by Paul Mazursky, written by Paul Mazursky and Larry Tucker, who also produced the. Documentary film-maker Bob Sanders and his wife Carol attend a group therapy session that serves as the backdrop for the opening scenes of the film. Natalie Wood, Robert Culp, Elliott Gould. Which film holds up the best 45 years later?. Ted is an alien, an outcast on his own planet where he is a rare single-sex being condemned to a life in search of a mate. Alice dreams of a fiction book romance.

"Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice" isn't really about wife swapping at all, but about the epidemic of moral earnestness that's sweeping our society right now. Their closest friends are the stuffy Ted and Alice who cannot understand the free- wheeling ways of Bob and Carol who in turn cannot. Carol and Bob share their new philosophy with their more inhibited best friends and potential swap mates, Ted and Alice (played by Elliott Gould and Dyan.

An archived preview of the BBC ONE comedy series Ted and Alice starring Dawn French and Stephen Tompkinson.