Ocr a tribute download

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Ocr a tribute

In , Miriam Röttgers revised and extended OCR-A, creating OCR A Tribute. OCR A Tribute is a typeface family comprising of two versions. Buy OCR A Tribute Regular desktop font from Linotype on savoirsdesterroirs.com OCR-A was originally designed in as a machine-readable alphabet. Its functionality was its Get OCR A Tribute™ with the Monotype Library Subscription.

Share your examples of OCR A Tribute In Use. Learn more →. Fonts In Use is a collaborative project and our collaborators are visitors like you! The uploading. OCR A Tribute™ Bold Monospaced. has been added to your font request. fonts have been added to your font request. has been added to your font request. has. OCR A Tribute™ Bold Font: Licensing Options and Technical Information.

-O fonts/savoirsdesterroirs.com wget savoirsdesterroirs.com savoirsdesterroirs.com -O fonts/savoirsdesterroirs.com wget. Joint 7,th most popular font family of 24, families. Available from MyFonts from US$ The links on this page will take you to MyFonts. Similar fonts. Fonts similar to 'OCR A Tribute'. 1 of 30 OCR A Extended · OCR A Tribute A Tribute. OCR A Tribute. A proportional font in the style of OCR-A.