Jcal pro calendar 2 download

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Jcal pro calendar 2

Almost every organization's web site can benefit from a Joomla calendar. For Joomla web sites, the obvious and most popular choice is JCal Pro. The JCal Pro Calendar is a module to display a mini calendar for JCal Pro. It looks like a small traditional calendar. Days with events occurring are highlighted . Use JCal Pro Flex module and display multiple event calendars and event lists in Step #2. Create Team Calendar Panel. Go to Extensions > Modules > New.

Upgrading JCal Pro from Versions Prior to Recurring Events and How to Cancel Them in JCal Pro How to Use the JCal Pro Calendar Module. JCal Pro makes it easy to display your events in a stylish Joomla calendar. Choose from several beautiful and responsive themes. The JCal Pro® 2 installation was on a different site with a different database. This procedure is brief and is inteneded for advanced users, please bac.

Today we announce with mixed emotions that our very first extension — JCal Pro ® — is moving to a new home at JoomlaShack (formerly All. JCal Pro is the premier events calendar for Joomla. Part 1 - An Introduction to JCal Pro; Part 2 - Installing and Configuring JCal Pro; Part 3. JCal Pro is the premier events calendar for Joomla with a gorgeous, fine on it's own but this really doesn't add any functionality to the current JomSocial 2. I have a Joomla! website, that uses JCal Pro to display the calendar. Now, in my Google arieljannai. 1, asked Jul 2 '10 at