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Extjs icons

Below are reference tables which provide you with a list of the available icons found in each of the Font packages. The tablesĀ  Member Syntax - Member Flags - Member Icons - Viewing the Class Source. the "icons" example show you all the icons that are included in default Sencha Touch CSS. However, Sencha Touch includes more icons than the one you see in this example, but if you want use them, you have to create your own theme using SASS and compass. I am trying to add icons to my toolbar buttons in extJS. In my case, i want a refresh icon in my button. Is there an easy and standard way of doing.

Allow use of Material Design Iconic Font Icons in an ExtJS project. (Google icons + extended community icons). Contribute to bjornharrtell/extjs development by creating an account on GitHub. Read this post to learn how to use Font Icons that are scalable, and educator of web applications based mainly on Sencha libraries, PHP.

In this issue we will figure out how to use any SVG icons in ExtJs buttons. All icons will be combined to a single sprite that injected to savoirsdesterroirs.com Summary of all Icons included with savoirsdesterroirs.com The Silk Icon Set is provided by Mark James and is availble from FamFamFam under the Creative Commons. Ext JS 6, ships with a copy of the font-awesome icon font. Remember the Wingdings* Font from back in the days? Icon Fonts are somehow.