Rally o signs download

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Rally o signs

N, A, X, M - #1. Page 2. Finish. N, A, X, M - #2. Page 3. Sit. Halt.,,. N A X, M - #3. Page 4. Down. Halt. N, A, X, M - #4. Page 5. N, A, X, M - #5. Right. Turn. Page 6. AKC RALLY SIGNS AND DESCRIPTIONS. THE FOLLOWING SIGNS MAY BE USED IN ALL CLASS LEVELS. The Principal Parts are boldface and underlined. N,I,A,X,M - # 3. Sit. Page 4. N,I,A,X,M - # 4. Sit. Down. Page 5. Right. Turn. Page 6 . N,I,A,X,M- # 6. Left. Turn. Page 7. About. Turn. Right. Page 8. N,I,A,X,M - # 8.

NZKC RALLY-O SIGNS. NB: The symbol (ST) indicates that the exercise is a “ stationary exercise”. A minimum and maximum number of stationary exercises are. NZKC Rally-O is a leisure activity that can be enjoyed by dogs and people of all New Advanced Rally-O Signs Descriptions · New Excellent Rally-O Signs. Newly updated signs for AKC Rally to meet the revisions going into effect November The full set contains signs, are different signs and 16 are.

Rally is a sport in which the dog and handler complete a course that has been designed by the rally judge. The judge AKC Rally Style Obedience Signs. Rally signs are available to download from the toolbar on the right hand side. Alternatively you can purchase laminated signs for each or all the levels from the . The new sport for Rally-Obedience or Rally-O all the signs you need to know about.