Stereo32 geology download

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Stereo32 geology

This is the old version, but perhaps it can be still useful in some old machine anyway the new version is Stereo32, that you find in this article. 2 May - 4 min - Uploaded by Visible Geology The software is at Create and edit orientation data. An online stereonet program that allows you to create and view all of your geologic stereonet information in 3D. Visible Geology runs in the browser so there is.

In contrast to mineralogy, structural geologists use lower hemisphere plots. Typically, it is as if you are looking into a hemispheric bowl sitting on the ground, and. Stereo32 produced by the University of Bochum geology/faculty/RWA/ There's a Mac version of. An application to plot and analyse stereographic and equal area projections, and rose diagrams of geological structural data, or wind, sand, or other directional.

This worksheet aims to be a general introduction to stereonets that covers basic plotting and some of the more common uses of stereonets in structural geology. STRUCTURAL DATA PRESENTED WITH STEREOGRAPHIC. PROJECTIONS FOR 3-D Commonly used in structural geology. Commonly used in. Page Innstereo: Stereographic Projections for Structural Geology. New prefs choices lets you set a default geologist's name and whether or not to time and date stamp data newly entered into the program via the keyboard (but.