Gold rush the jungle download

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Gold rush the jungle

Gold Rush is a reality television series that airs on Discovery and its affiliates worldwide. The series follows the. Against the advice of the locals, Parker & crew head off alone, deep into uncharted jungle, risking encounters with caiman, jaguars, snakes and venomous spiders. They try to cross a quarter mile of raging rapids but the current takes hold of Rick. Season 8. The Hoffman Crew describes the dangers they didn't expect to encounter in the jungle - including nearby murders.

"The Jungle" is a special of Gold Rush that aired between Seasons 2 and 3, as part of Gold Rush: The Jungle summer season. It originally aired on August Discovery Channel has renewed Gold Rush: Parker's Trail for a their way through dense and dangerous jungle where they'll encounter lethal. With Todd Hoffman, Dave Turin, Greg Remsburg, Chris Doumitt. Todd & The Crew receive a tip about a claim in Guyana, South America, causing Todd to.