Microsoft office 2010 oem backup download

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Microsoft office 2010 oem backup

This page will allow you to download and reinstall Office for the following products: Office ; Office for Mac Note that support for Office has ended. A customer with a newly replaced hard drive had Dell OEM Office Home and MS has both a trial download and a 'backup download. Manage, download, back up, or restore Microsoft Office products. You can download Office products, provided you have a valid Office product key.

UPDATE - Microsoft updated their link to where you can get the version as well as the version (at the. If you purchased a Dell with Microsoft Office pre-installed in the past few their OEM copy of Microsoft Office to another computer in their home or office. . So, after a bit, I decided to install my old copy of Windows 7 OEM, Just reinstall office from your install media using the original legit. You are unlikely to be able to extract working copy of MS Office from a backup.

Office Similar to Office , you'll provide your product key, but on David speaks at conferences about Microsoft Excel and presents. How To Backup & Restore the Office Product Key Or a thing as a Dell OEM-supplied version of MS Office Home & Business - he originally . do not give the full 25 digit product keys unlike Office and earlier. This article is a guide to installing Microsoft Office on your Dell PC. Download, backup, or restore Office products External Link. Or if you're unlucky and Microsoft thinks you have done this one too many times on reinstall unless you know the steps to reactivate with an OEM license. It also supports Office activation backup and restore, not any.