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Passage indie game

Passage is a experimental video game developed by Jason Rohrer. Since its release it . video games · Indie video games · Art games · Windows games · MacOS games · Linux games · Side-scrolling video games · Single- player. Passage. a video game by Jason Rohrer [try Jason Rohrer's latest game Game time: 5 minutes General Hint: The game only lasts 5 minutes. ; NYU Games Blog, March 6, ; Indiecade, March 11, ; Doubt. Passage, created by Jason Rohrer, is an exercise in gaming minimalism. Made for korokomi's gamma competition, It's only five minutes.

Passage was Jason Rohrer's third publicly released game, but the first to really It has also served as an inspiration for many indie developers to try and create. Welcome To PASSAGE™, a maze-like shooter game that's always changing. Manage your weapons and items to maximize the carnage. Play it safe or throw. Indie developer Jason Rohrer has confirmed that his “massively-multiplayer game of burglary and home defense,” The Castle Doctrine, will be.

Passage is a game that follows the entire life of a man within the span of five minutes. Passage is an autobiographical video game created by indie hero, Jason Rohrer. The game runs about five minutes in length. Within those five minutes, the .