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avit Friendly error message for git_home config error. Fixed issue , exception when deleting an orphan git repo. Fixed issue , unable to browse a remote subversion repository. jethrocarr Avoid generating commit emails when loading commit details via web UI. Fixed issue , exception when deleting an orphan git repo. Add the PHP command to extract the i18n contents from Pluf's template. Indefero. Self-hosted Google Code replacement with improvements. Indefero is basically a clone of.

InDefero is a simple software forge. It can be used to save you and your team time. It tracks bugs and provides downloads, documentation, and an easy overview. Project Summary. InDefero is a state-of-the-art software forge. Save you and your team time and track bugs, provide downloads, documentation and have an. Indefero Project logo This is a mirror of the official project here: http://projects. srchub uses a customized version of indefero and Pluf.

Indefero is a web based project hosting service which supports git and svn based projects. It provides bug tracking, a markdown based documentation wiki, file. Important: Install MySQL, if you don't have an mysql server running at the moment , BEFORE you install indefero via this PPA. Standard login is "admin" with. Improving your project's source, bug tracking and documentation with quality open source tools. Indefero Source Code Management // Jethro Carr.