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Zar games

All Games > Action Games > Z.A.R. are mined for 'Iberium', an essential mineral to control pollution on Earth, are called Z.A.R.; Zones for Artificial Resources. The "draw two" card in Zar is a colored Wasp. If you can match an identical card that someone just played you can "match" the player by quickly discarding the card. The player who played the original card must draw one card and play passes to the next player from the person who. Now you have unlimited access to free downloadable racing & action games on It's your chance to download various racing & action.

Top Rated Lists for Z.A.R. · 42 items Childhood games I remember fondly · PC cover · Retail Box · Wolf3D DOS Cover Art · Commandos: BEL Box Cover. Z.A.R. lets you travel to the Zone of Artificial Resources to restore the central computer and destroy the uncontrollable robots that have been created. Z. Play zar games online from our exciting free zar games collection.

Jain Zar is the Phoenix Lord of the Howling Banshee Aspect warriors. She is the most swift and ferocious of the Phoenix Lords. Jain Zar has travelled widely. ZAR (the title is an acronym for 'Zone of Artificial Resources') is a first-person shooter developed by russian studio Maddox Games and released for DOS in Zar is a fast paced card game of strategy and luck. For 2 to 9 players. Ages 6 to adult. Match the symbol or color when it's your turn, but if you can match both the .