Minecraft sky island of junara download

By Dilmaran 2 Oct, 2012 0 Comments

Minecraft sky island of junara

Quick download up top for anyone coming from Planet Minecraft! savoirsdesterroirs.com 1fP9A2 Just a couple of updates Version is now public as. The Islands of Junara is one of the few custom maps for Minecraft which feature an expansive world with multiple islands floating a lethal. I am Cowmonkey from MinecraftForums There's no need to worry Sorry for any errors due to copying the MinecraftForum post to here. Will be fixed. Minecraft.

Created and tested by CowMonkey, is a sky-themed survival adventure map with an optional CTM (comple. The Island of Junara Map is one of the best maps out there, perfect for survival experience. This island is placed up in the sky above the earth.